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                                        About Job Portal:


      The concept of job portals originated in 1979 when the first computer bulletin board system went public, enabling users to post, read and respond to messages. Sites posting information technology jobs emerged in 1990, led by DICE (Data Processing Independent Consultants Exchange) to supply talent to the boom.


       A web site where employers can post job offers, and people looking for employment can post their skills. The application provides the ability for job seekers to create their accounts, upload their profile and resume, search for jobs, apply for jobs and view different job openings. The application provides the ability for employers to create their accounts, select a package for payment, search candidates, create job postings, and track contacted candidates. An online job portal provides a collection of job offers, normally by a number of different companies. For the reason of easy up-to-datedness and comfortable use, today you find the most of the job offers on the web. 

Application will have 3 primary users:


      System admin will have the ability to clean and clear and maintain database. While administrator do’s Verify users account and give them right to access, blocker users, create categories on job, create subcategories on the type of job.


      Job portals have become "the most popular and widely used recruitment tool. Registration entails creating an account with a user ID and email address. Once registered, users can edit/update their profile and apply online for jobs. They can also request email alerts on future openings or click links to company, industry and career-specific information. 


       Technology gives employers the capability to conduct resume database searches using a variety of parameters, store recruitment information for EEO compliance, correspond with applicants via email and track candidates.

       The job portals are normally financed by the companies posting the ads paying for it. This is payment by ad, by atonement or with a flat-rate. For the jobseeker in turn, the use is mostly free.  

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